Grand Meadows Mega Grand Flex

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Grand Meadows Mega Grand Flex 1.7kg Grand Meadows Mega Grand Flex 1.7kg

Equine Joint Supplements Formulated for:


Intense Training

High Level Competition

Aggressive Joint Support

Helps to Maintain Joint, Tendon and Ligament Health

Helps reduce Inflammation, Stiffness and Discomfort Associated with Normal Exercise

Provides Support for Joint Concerns

Extremely High Levels of Glucosamine

Fights Free Radicals

MEGA Grand Flex™ is an ideal equine joint supplement for senior horses, competition horses, and horses in various disciplines. We recommend using MEGA Grand Flex when a more aggressive approach is needed. MEGA Grand Flex contains all the important co-factors contained in original Grand Flex, plus 12,500 mg of Glucosamine and 10,000 mg of MSM per measure to promote healthy joint function.

When results have been achieved, it may not be necessary to use MEGA Grand Flex on a long-term basis; we recommend following with our original Grand Flex or Grand Complete for long-term maintenance and joint support.

Grand Meadow’s products contain premium grade ingredients and carefully selected compounds providing the highest quality, purity and potency. All the minerals in Grand Meadow’s products are organic, and they are either chelates or gluconates i.e. minerals in a bioavailable form.

Product Facts • Per 28.5 g unit
Glucosamine HCL: 12,500 mg
MSM: 10,000 mg
Vitamin C: 1,000 mg
Manganese: 250 mg
Zinc: 200 mg
Lysine: 200 mg
Vitamin B-3: 150 mg
Bioflavonoids: 100 mg
Proline: 80 mg
Copper: 50 mg

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