Sponsored Riders

We believe in giving back to the community that supports us, and our main sponsorships are to individual clubs or shows - but we also support a few special equestrians.

These handful of talented riders who are, more importantly, lovely people who have shopped with us and loved our products for some years prior to becoming part of our team. For a potted history and some interesting snippets read on....

Sue Hearn - Dressage                                                      











Susan Elekessy - Dressage


Jess Stalling & Rhys Stones - Showing and Jumping

Jess Stalling and Rhys Stones really need no introduction to the equestrian community, they have both been equestrian professionals from a young age. They combine an extensive and extremely successful background and knowledge of show and show jumping horses to create J and R Equestrian.

Jess and Rhys are both successful World Cup show jumping riders and producers of up and coming horses. Jess is one of Australia's most decorated Show Riders having won over 90 Royal Show Championships plus multiple State, National and HOTY titles. Rhys is also a Royal winning show rider.

Jess and Rhys both have competed successfully representing Australia nationally and internationally and continually aim to produce performance horses of the highest quality. Whilst J and R Equestrian specialises in Show Horses and Show Jumping, they also have competed with success in Dressage and Eventing.