GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle

Why the GreenGuard Muzzle is so good Why the GreenGuard Muzzle is so good

GreenGuard is not your typical grazing muzzle!

The makers of GreenGuard muzzles noticed all these common behaviors. They designed a grazing muzzle for horses, ponies, and donkeys that takes all of these factors into consideration.

How does the GreenGuard muzzle improve upon standard or traditional muzzles?

  • Rubbing: Due to the square shape of the GreenGuard muzzle, we don’t see the rubbing that is so prevalent with traditional nylon muzzles. The muzzle doesn’t lay on their face where it can attract moisture and debris. This limits or eliminates friction when the muzzle moves around their nose. It is very open around the sides, allowing the horses to feel the grass within reach. This tricks them into thinking they are getting more grass than they actually are. 
  • Debris and drainage: The open basket design means that horses are able to eat and drink without having to worry about trapped water or increased heat. The holes are large enough to allow water and debris to move through the muzzle basket.
  • Airflow: The muzzle basket is spacious enough to keep plenty of air flowing through. This does not mean that they are eating more. Since the center, where the horse would eat the most grass, is actually blocked, they have to move around the bottom and work around it. Eating out of only one or two slots at a time means that, depending on the horse and the pasture conditions, a GreenGuard muzzle reduces grass intake from 30%-70%, which is equal to or better than other muzzles on the market.
  • Durability: This is where the GreenGuard really shines. The grazing muzzles are made from a poly-resin material that is not only sturdier, but also lightweight. Many of our users have gone from needing a new muzzle every season, to being on their third, fourth, or even fifth consecutive seasons with a GreenGuard.  These muzzles are made in Germany and have been tried, tested, and trusted in Europe for over 20 years.
  • Anti-Houdini: The muzzle and halter are highly adjustable, ensuring that you get a good, comfortable fit for your horse. For the strongest or cleverest Houdinis, we suggest a neck strap that attaches through the top of the halter crown piece and buckles behind the throat latch.

Grazing muzzles: they look weird, but they’re necessary!

There are still so many horse owners who resist investing in any kind of grazing muzzle even as their horses pack on the pounds. Time and again people will ask if muzzles are cruel or mean. I always think that it’s much less cruel to take care of your animal and provide the right tool to help them than to allow them to develop metabolic disorders and other medical problems. 

Not all muzzles are created equal! As a horse owner, you have have to decide what is the best one for you and your horse. A GreenGuard may have a higher price tag than a traditional muzzle, but most customers will find that the comfort, quality, and durability make the investment in your horse’s health well worth it. 

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