Hairy Pony Shimmer Spray - Create a show stopping Glow

Date Posted:30 June 2019 

Hairy Pony's newest product glistens on the shelf as well as on the horse! Watch the spray in action & learn more about why all that glistens isn't glitter!

Clear bottles allow their secret formulation to shimmer and catch our customers eyes before they have even given it a spray! It sure does look pretty!

The shimmer spray is infused with light reflecting particles to create a show stopping glow on any occasion - NO GLITTER! 

The result is a high-impact, elegant finish that doesn’t look glittery.

Perfect to use all over body and tail or to create and finish QTR markers.

The ultra fine, long misting nozzle ensures a full even coverage in only one spray that will glisten in the sun all day long!

Absolutely zero dust attraction whilst being lightweight with no oils or silicones. 

Australian Made!

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